Cool Trade™ Testimonials

CoolTrade™ is so easy. You just turn it on in the morning, go out, come home and you've made money. It's worry-free. I would recommend CoolTrade™ to anybody. "

--Yaeko W., Sun City, Arizona

When I was told about CoolTrade™ and some of the returns I could expect, I thought it was too good to be true. But after two months of using it, I believe it's the real deal.

--Phillip R., Chicago, Illinois

I'm not a stockmarket expert, but my strategies are doing great. Creating strategies with the CoolTrade™ strategy Wizard is Easy!

--Tony C., College Student

CoolTrade™ gave me the ability to take my strategies that I was already using and input them into the system--just point and click. I don't have any computer programming skills. Now, I've got a completely robotic system that picks the stocks; trades the stocks; closes out the trades and I don't do anything except look at my P & L on a daily basis. It's better than I could have ever imagined.

--Jeff, New York City, NY

It won't buy or sell stock unless it passes different rules. I couldn't watch multiple stocks where there are rules attached but this can.
--Patrick, Scottsdale, AZ

Using CoolTrade™, you let it do its job. You just sit back and watch it make money. I feel I'm in control of my finances. It's a great feeling!

--Gerald, Scottsdale, AZ

I've been trading for years, and CoolTrade™ is the best tool that I've found that both screens stocks and automatically does the trading. In addition to making my trading activity much easier, CooTrade™ has increased my profits by eliminating errors.

--Jeffrey H. - Professional Trader

I love my robotic trader! One position that I was holding went up 19%. The trader grabbed that profit as soon as it started turning.

--Ian, New York City, NY

Nothing could be easier. It turns itself on in the mornings, buys and sells stocks during market hours and turns itself off after the market closes.

--Char M.

With CoolTrade™s' low trading $1 fees and full automation, no other trading software even comes close.

--Brian W. - Engineer

I set my AutoTrader to run automatically every morning. It scalps steady profits virtually every trading day and then turns itself off.

--Glen G.- IT Consultant

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